You’ve likely heard of the Gains in Bulk motto, “Price, Potency, Purity”. Although “purity” is listed last, the principle is not lacking in importance. If anything, it’s the most significant to us here at Gains in Bulk Headquarters. 


Many consumers of supplements don’t realize that they should be concerned with the ingredients within the products they’re taking. Even scarier, they don’t realize that the ingredients listed on the labels and supplement facts of their favorite products may not be accurate to the actual contents within. 


In 2018 alone, five different individuals from various supplement companies pled guilty to adding ingredients to their products that were not listed on the supplement facts label. Even worse, they pled guilty to PURPOSELY altering their supplements with BANNED SUBSTANCES, sometimes including steroids. (Link to read about case listed below.)


If you’re an athlete that competes in a tested sport, a parent, grandparent, or just individual that prides themselves on knowing what goes into your body to truly improve your health and longevity, this should seriously concern you. How is one able to trust that the ingredients with their supplements are really all that’s included? 


Firstly, ensure that the supplements you’re purchasing are tested by a third party after they’ve been manufactured. If needed, you can send your products off to be tested yourself with a third party lab, although this option can be pricey. 


Secondly, ask to receive a Certificate of Analysis with the results from that third party test. This certificate will show the exact ingredients within the formula, along with test results for E. coli, salmonella, and so on. If the supplement company can’t provide a Certificate of Analysis, they either don’t care to know exactly what’s in their products or they’re hiding something.  Either way, don’t trust it.


At Gains in Bulk, we pride ourselves on providing the purest products possible. Before manufacturing, we source only the highest quality, purest ingredients for our products. Then to ensure the highest purity, we send each batch of our products off to be third party tested. Each new batch of product is placed into a “quarantine cage” until we receive a clean Certificate of Analysis from that third party lab. We then provide the Certificate of Analysis for each of our products with EVERY SINGLE sale. The certificate is literally included in our customer’s package for their convenience every time they order. 


In addition, if any of our customers are ever curious as to the contents of a product before purchasing it, we’re happy to send the Certificate of Analysis via email for review. We have nothing to hide and we’re here to prove it.  


We challenge you to KNOW MORE about your supplements.

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