Skip Leg Day? Not A Chance!

Reasons To Skip Leg Day:

  • My legs are already big enough
  • I’m not looking to build my lower body
  • I want big arms; squats won’t help me with that
  • I HATE doing squats

We have all heard at least one of these excuses at one time or another, and might even be guilty of them ourselves. Well, a little education can go a long way. The power and impact that squats can have on the body is undeniable. Understanding just how beneficial squats actually are, you may find yourself looking forward to leg day! Wishful thinking? We will see…

If you have read any of our past articles you may have noticed a trend. Here at Gains In Bulk we LOVE compound exercises. We are all about getting the best results in the fastest amount of time. I didn’t say with the smallest amount of work, just the shortest amount of time! Squats are one of the greatest compound exercises of all time—second (possibly) only to deadlift. Squats engage more muscles than almost any other exercise, more muscles working at once equals a much higher release of hormones such as HGH and testosterone. Not only do these hormones create better muscle growth but they are also going to rapidly increase fat loss. You want big shoulders, arms, back, or chest? Squats are going to help rapidly speed up the muscle building process in all of those muscles. 

So now that we know squats are beneficial not only for proper hormone release but also full body results, what is the best form and how many sets/reps is best for maximum results? The form we recommend is the form most researched and shown to cause the least harm to the joints and back. Standing just outside shoulder width, squatting to just below 90 degrees. This form will protect the body from injury, stretching your knees beyond this level with large amounts of weight can cause serious strain.  Also it is physically impossible to keep your lower back from rounding as you start getting deeper than the 80-90-degree mark so it will also protect the back. Sets and reps can vary for each person, however, a great program that has been researched and had great success starts with 2-3 weeks of 3 sets of 21 reps and is followed up by 2-3 weeks of 4 sets of 8-6-4-4 for the reps. Doing sets of 21 seriously increases the mitochondria in the muscle giving you much higher strength and endurance! After that going to the lower rep sets allows you to really see your gains and hone in all of that strength you just recently gained. A free download of this great muscle building, mitochondria increasing, program is available at gainsinsane.com

The benefits of squats are incredible! Let’s never skip leg-day again!!