marley doing pushups

Are Push Ups the Most Underrated Exercise!?

It is pretty safe to say that at one time or another you have done some push ups. It’s one of those elementary P.E exercises that everybody does, and as we start to really workout and lift weights we forget about it and figure it doesn’t have much value. But this isn’t your average sit-up. Push ups added into your daily routine can give you some serious benefits.

One of the great things about the push up is the way it engages your entire body. To keep in the push up position, you have to keep your entire body strong, from your legs and core, to your entire upper body. This classifies the exercise as a compound exercise. As many of you know, any compound exercise gives you the most bang for your buck, or the most gains for your time.

Push ups are also going to increase your cardio vascular health. The fact that there are so many muscles working at one time, your heart is working hard to get blood and oxygen delivered throughout the body. This will increase your heart rate, also helping you to burn fat.

Great HGH response is a key factor in what makes push ups so beneficial. When you have this many muscles engaged, the body’s natural reaction is to create more HGH to help repair them. The benefits of HGH include, but certainly are not limited to, quick recovery, fat loss, longer stamina in the gym, and anti-aging.

Push ups done on a consistent basis can produce a very powerful effect on your fitness life. There are many general health benefits that come as well (stronger bones, muscle stretching, and vitality) that make push ups so worthwhile. The ease of doing push ups allows for you to virtually do them anywhere at any time. Come up with a plan to add some daily push ups into your routine. Whether at night before bed, right before you head to work, during commercial breaks, or whatever works best for you! 

You will be truly amazed at the awesome effects simple push ups can provide for you! Make a plan and start seeing the results for yourself!