Aside from the fact that pull-ups are one of the most convenient exercises you can do, they also are also incredibly beneficial in sculpting and building your back! 

Because pull-ups are a compound movement they are uniquely designed for the back. Compound movements are the fastest way to put on size. They allow for multiple muscle groups to be working all at once. In turn, your HGH and Testosterone levels are triggered to release at higher rates.

Pull-ups are also an easy way to add a cardio like effect to your strength workouts. If you are looking to lose fat, pull-ups will quickly get your heart rate up. Properly placed within your program they can keep your body burning fat for the entire workout. 

Another great benefit to pull-ups is that depending on your technique, you can isolate certain muscles! Turn your grip around for a chin up and you will activate the biceps, widen up the classic grip and you will isolate the lats. When the classic variations are no longer difficult all you have to do is add a little bit of weight and you will be struggling all over again.

How should you incorporate pull-ups?? This depends exactly on what you want out of the exercise. If you want to up the intensity of your workouts and spike your heart rate, use them as a superset throughout your workout. If your goal is to put on size do more sets with less reps (add weight if needed). No matter what your fitness goals, pull-ups are a great tool to help you accomplish them!