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These statements have all been proven to be true in scientific studies recently published, and guess what?  Over 90% of the population is deficient in friendly flora.  If you take sucralose filled sports supplements like most protein and BCAA powders, (all GIB products are sucralose free) you are definitely deficient due to the sucralose consumption.  If you take antibiotic prescriptions or eat non-organic meat you will definitely be deficient in probiotics as well.

Let's explain what is happening, and the things you can do to ensure your probiotic levels are where they need to be so that you can reduce body fat and achieve optimal health.

90% of the trillions of cells in your body are not human…  That’s right, 1 in 10 cells in your body are actually bacteria.  Since most of the population is deficient in friendly bacteria, we have high levels of bloating, obesity and disease.

The gut has many different types of bacteria and each one colonizes (lives) in different places within your bowels.  Each species (family) of friendly bacteria do different things.  Some make enzymes to digest food while others make energy B-Vitamins, blood sugar and satiety (sense of fullness) hormones that we all need.

Although many things can destroy your friendly bacteria, here are two that the fitness athlete usually abuses on a daily basis.  


Over the past 10 years, the artificial sweetener Sucralose has been added to almost every powder drink and sports supplement in the industry.  It makes bad things taste pretty good.  The problem is that new research shows Sucralose destroys over 50% of your friendly flora and gets worse with more use.  If you are taking a sports supplement protein powder, BCAA or Creatine you better look at the label.  It is a good chance that you are stopping a lot of gains you could be making because of the destruction of your friendly flora. Go to the blog at GAINSINBULK.COM to read more about Sucralose.


At first, farmers gave antibiotics to their livestock to keep them healthy, but then they noticed something strange—their cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens were not only free of infection, they were fatter too.

Since the 1950s, antibiotics have been given to livestock to control infection, but extra is given to boost their weight on the scale since the rancher is paid by weight of the animal.

The problem with antibiotics is that they wipe out your inner ecosystem and destroy key species of healthy bacteria that are critical to optimal health and performance gains.

The good bacteria that you kill with antibiotics are the same bacteria that keep you lean.  This helps explain the growing obesity epidemic that researchers now believe is linked to gut health and gut bacteria.

So what is really going on?

For starters, diversity matters. Diversity describes the number of different species of bacteria living in the gut. In a nutshell, the more, the merrier.

Changes in your inner ecosystem may also help to predict obesity. For example, the numbers of Bifidobacteria are higher in children who maintain a normal weight than in those who later become overweight.

Scientists have been able to identify ways that gut health influences weight: 

Metabolism: Gut bacteria harvest energy from the food that you eat. If you have plenty of friendly bacteria, you will crave less calories because they harvest more energy.

Hormonal Balance: Gut bacteria regulate the release of hormones that control blood sugar, encourage satiety (the feeling of being “full”), and reduce leaky gut.

Inflammation: Unhealthy gut bacteria produce toxins that trigger a systemic inflammatory response (bloating, pain & gas). Research shows that the higher body fat you have, the higher levels of inflammatory bacterial toxins in your gut and those bad bacteria cause weight gain—without any shift in diet.

Leaky Gut: This condition drives obesity and problems with blood sugar. When the gut barrier is “leaky,” bacterial toxins make their way into the bloodstream. A dose of probiotics (like Bifidobacteria) has been shown to reduce leakiness and improve blood sugar.

Probiotics aid in fat reduction:

Sucralose and Antibiotics destroy a healthy inner ecosystem, but probiotics restore it. Once the inner ecosystem is healthy and populated, the body naturally drops excess fat weight. Probiotic foods include kefir and cultured vegetables, which literally seed your inner landscape with helpful bacteria that fight inflammation and control the growth of harmful microbes.  The problem with Americans is that we don’t eat a fermented food as a staple of our diets and other cultures do.


  1. QUIT taking in Sucralose  -  Read labels and if your protein powder, BCAA’s, Glutamine or Juice/Soda drinks have Sucralose, throw them away.  Doing this along with replacing the probiotics will make a huge difference quickly.
  2. Use Antibiotics sparingly  -  There is definitely a time and place for antibiotics but they should come from a prescription every once in a while. Consuming non-organic meats gives you a small amount of antibiotics that constantly destroy your friendly bacteria and create super-germs.
  3. Take a Probiotic/Enzyme formula to replenish your friendly bacteria and digest your food.  Taking 1-2 capsules of “Athlete Digestive Formula” ensures complete colonization of friendly flora through 9 families of probiotics in each capsule.  It is also the only formula created for the fitness athlete helping to digest all proteins including Whey, Glutens and Meats.