Cori Baker macros vs Nutrients

There is a big divide amongst nutritionists when talking about eating clean or just eating macros.  Who is right?

ANSWER; Anyone that doesn’t focus on both food quality and quantity is wrong.

Those who focus only on food quantity believe that weight loss is only about calories-in-versus-calories-out, and “a calorie is just a calorie.” Those who focus only on food quality believe that weight loss is only about the nutritional value of the food, not the calories, so if they only eat health foods, they’ll automatically lose weight.

The truth is, if you want to get leaner, larger muscles and get healthier, you need focus on both – calorie quantity and calorie quality, not just one or the other.

Following a macronutrient counting eating plan has been a great dream come true for many fitness athletes and people in the public wanting to reduce body fat and build muscle.  Results do happen but anyone that has monitored bloodwork can tell you that the overall health of the body suffers when consuming too many processed and chemically laden foods.  This holds true for artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame (see our previous article in our blog).

Focus on an eating plan that has the right amount of calories for your goals. Cut out or cut back on highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners and chemicals. This will help you reach your goals in the short term while enjoying long term health and vitality.

This argument is solved by both sides realizing the research supports both arguments. So, when combined together, you get the synergistic benefit of  both, creating the ultimate body.