Hip Thrusts


What is the secret to insane glute gains? Hip thrusts! Not only will hip thrusts give you the butt of your dreams, hip thrusts will also improve your squats, deadlifts, sprint speed, and vertical jump. 

Doing lifts like squats and leg press will improve leg strength but they don’t fully engage the glutes and maximize hip extension. Squats and leg press are important lifts, but your glutes are not doing all the work they could be, or should be doing if you want max gains in the glutes.

To make sure you are getting everything out of this key lift make sure to not make these common mistakes:

  • placing feet too far forward

  • pressing through the toes/heels coming off ground

  • not maintaining a neutral spine by hyperextending the lower back at end of the lift

  • bouncing the weight or jerking weight off the floor

Keep good form, don’t be scared to go heavy, and good luck on your gains!