100% Pre-Digested Protein, Carbs and Fats

100% RDA Vitamins and Minerals

100% Sucralose & Artificial Sweetener FREE

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction 

The best tasting, most absorbable performance powder on the market today. Our goal was to create a high protein formula utilizing the enutrient dense, quality ingredients to which athletes need, but with a taste comparable to the high sugar/sucralose "junk" protein drinks on the market. GIB-100 is the only performance powder to contain 100% RDA whole food vitamins and minerals. GIB-100 utilizes the most nutrient dense forms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats available. This ensures that your body will have the nutrients needed to restore energy and help create lean, calorie burning muscle.


Suggested Uses:

    - Before/after workouts, providing energy and anabolism

    - A great tasting replacement for junk food

    - To supplement diets lacking proper protein


Contains Over forty-five 50g servings (5 pounds/2268 grams). Each serving contains 20 grams PRE-DIGESTED PROTEIN.

For years, we have provided protein rich powders to professional athletes and teams like the NBA's Miami Heat and others. Now, the same high protein formula utilizing the nutrient dense, quality ingredients is available to the fitness athlete. This formula provides real nutrition with great taste.

Most Formulas on the market contain proteins that are poorly digested and of little benefit to the body. Moreover, the carbohydrate source is usually from maltodextrin, which has zero nutrient value. And, as if that isn't bad enough, the fat source from these inferior products is from hydrogentated fats, which research clearly demonstrates are disease causing "bad" fats. GIB-100, on the other hand, utilizes nutrient rich carbohydrates from vegetables, cold processed oils or fat, and the most revolutionary protein complex available.


The 20 gram protein blend in GIB-100 is based on two major factors:


First, is understanding that when proteins are consumed, the body will utilize that protein the level of the weakest link. Every protein has different amounts of amino acids present, and every protein has higher and lower levels of certain amino acids. To ensure that all the protein is being utilized by the body, you must ensure that the content of any particular amino acid is not too low. If there is one amino acid that is significantly low, the entire protein will be compromised. Gains In Bulk has blended specific proteins together in proportionate amounts so that every single gram of protein can be converted to energy and muscle enhancing power.


The second princible is to ensure that the protein is actually broken down and absorbed by the body. This starts with picking proteins that can be broken down easily in the body. Moreover, the proteins selected must not remove energy from the body while they are being assimilated. We have now perfected the specific blend of pure plant enzymes and minerals to ensure complete breakdowm of the protein, along with the carbohydrates and fats in the formula. This guarantees that no fat is stored in the body. Instead, the only nutrients delivered to the cells will enhance the body, create energy, and help the body recover efficiently from the stress for exercising. GIB-100 is for the athletic minded individual who understands the importance of quickly replenishing the body with nutrients immediately following an athletic event or stress filled day. It is the ultimate formula for replenishing carbohydrates to the liver for energy, fatty acids to the brain and joints for mental clarity and smooth movement, and proteins to the muscles for strength building and calorie burning performance.


GIB-100 is also jam-packed with whole food micronutrients, providing 100% of daily needs in almost every single category. NO other performance formula on the market utilizes only whole foods and can deliver taht high percentage of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).