Dear Doctor,


“I follow a High Protein diet and sometimes the Paleo plan but I am concerned about the 2014 research study out of USC that shows a 400% increased risk of cancer if you consume too much protein.  What should I do?”

                                                                                                                fitness girl - # liking my protein

Chandler, Arizona 


Dear fitness girl,

I can understand your concerns and I believe there is a good answer.  Most people who start a good HIIT program like cross fit and follow a Paleo type diet plan experience great results and they don’t want them to stop. 

It is true that the new research out of the University of Southern California is very concerning because the study was very thorough and it included an analysis of 100’s of studies on the effects of high protein intake.  You are referring to the portion that focused in on animal protein intake.  You would think that you should just go vegetarian then and consume vegetable and grain proteins to fix the issue.  The problem is that Grain proteins called Gluten are very hard to digest now days because of genetic altering and they can be very damaging.  You probably already understand this if you have read any of the Paleo research or books on wheat/glutens.

This leaves quite the conundrum on what to do.  You would almost think that you couldn’t take in higher protein amounts and live a long healthy life with this new research but yet you know that you are much healthier in the moment with your increased fitness level consuming the extra protein.  You can actually have great health, fitness and muscle now while improving your long term risks if you understand one key concept.  Athletic Digestion Health!!!!!!

The answer is to focus in on the proteins that are easiest to digest and help digest the ones that are not.  The research shows that the problem resides in the inability to digest the protein and not the protein amount itself. One study shows you can only absorb 30 grams of protein at a time for muscle growth but that didn’t take into account the digestibility of the protein itself.  Protein is broken down into amino acids.  A large amount of amino acids in your body only improves your health and provides your muscles, brain and tissues with building blocks.  You can take in higher amounts of protein if you ensure that all of it is broken down into individual amino acids for the body to utilize for anabolism (muscle repair and growth). That’s the secret and you can digest more protein at once ensuring better muscle anabolism and no damage.

Here is what you do.  Consume easier to digest proteins like vegetable proteins, pre-digested whey and true white meats from animals.  I’m talking about chicken, turkey and small fish like salmon.  When you do eat grains, most protein powders or red meats, you absolutely MUST ensure those foods are broken down into individual amino acids.  The way to do this is to take a powerful plant enzyme supplement that contains Proteases, Peptidase, Probiotics and Enzyme catalysts (minerals).  Protease enzymes digest protein into smaller chains of amino acids called peptides. The enzyme peptidase then digests the food down into useable single amino acids at the cellular level.

Consuming easier to digest proteins and taking a strong plant digestive enzyme formula will solve your concerns and even help you get better gains.  I will point you to a place to get an extremely researched formula that not only digests all whey and animal proteins but it also has a specific University researched blend that digests all of the genetically modified Glutens and other allergen compounds like caseinate and lactose.  It’s called ATHLETE DIGESTIVE FORMULA.

The company that sales it is only web based and you can go to their website at to read the research and order.  Take 1-2 capsules at each meal.  The great news is that the GAIN company manufactures the product and sales direct to the consumer without any middleman.  You get the supplement at the smallest price and highest potency.



                                                                                                                 Dr. Scott