How to Cook Protein for Better Fat Reduction and Muscle Gains

A new study shows that how you cook your protein, along with the order in which you eat your foods, is super important for fat reduction and muscle gains.


The Importance of Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity matters when it comes to burning off fat and packing on muscle. The more insulin sensitive you are, the better results you'll get both at the gym and with your diet. When you are not insulin sensitive, you tend to store more fat and miss out on nutrients reaching your muscles after workouts.

Evidence points to preparing meat-based protein through boiling, poaching, stewing and steaming, rather than frying, baking or grilling. The former promotes insulin sensitivity.

The 2.5 Cours Meal

0.5 course (optional but effective): drink a shot of vinegar before you eat anything

1st course: eat your protein and fibrous vegetables

2nd course: eat your starchy carbs

While the type of protein doesn't have a significant effect on insulin sensitivity, how you cook it does. On top of that, the order of consumption also affects it.

The thought of drinking a shot of vinegar by itself may make you cringe. However, the test group that braved the vinegar shots and ate starchy carbs last saw blood fats, uric acid, and inflammation levels drop significantly

(Try Apple Cider Vinegar for a less cringy experience).



Get your Gains

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