From a Sports Nutrition and Organic Chemistry vantage point, Glutamine can easily be shown as a “must-have” performance supplement. That is, if you want serious gains with building muscle, increasing immunity and boosting Growth Hormone.

Even though this amino acid has over 50 years of solid double blind research supporting its ability to gain not just muscle but an edge on all the competition with performance, it is still virtually underutilized. The reason GAINS IN BULK carries this nutrient is because it has solid evidence and proven results to dramatically help you get gains faster no matter what your fitness goals.

Even if you have read the stacks and stacks of scientific research on Glutamine, do you really understand what benefits you can get from strategic Glutamine supplementation?

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons to use Glutamine and dosages needed to get the gains you desire.


If there was no other reason to take Glutamine, this one is enough. A prestigious study from a clinical nutrition journal shows that a single 2 gram oral dose of glutamine elevated circulating growth hormone levels by over 430%! That’s right – 430%!. Skeptics of this study admit this happens but state it will be short lived. TRUE…. That’s why you need Glutamine in your system throughout the day to keep levels up consistently.

Just as a reminder for all of you about the benefits of increasing growth hormone. Growth hormone is involved in the turnover of muscle tissue, which is particularly important for those of us who are looking to add lean muscle mass, as well as the remodeling of bone and collagen tissues (Godfrey, R., et al., 2003).
It also helps with the regulation of our metabolisms, which are essentially all the reactions that occur within the human body. This means it can help decrease body fat and increase muscle. Remember when you were a teenager and you could eat a lot and stay lean while building muscle? That is thanks to growth hormone running through your veins 24/7. Follow the ultimate gains protocol at the end of this article to make it happen again.


One study found that just four days on high-protein, was enough to cause a 25 percent drop in glutamine levels in the plasma and muscle tissue. A drop in glutamine levels create a catabolic (muscle wasting) environment.

Stress causing events like an intense exercise bout all the way to the common cold lowers glutamine levels and the ramifications of not getting enough glutamine are severe. Frequent, reoccurring illness and infection, suppressed immune function, continuous poor athletic performance, increased body-fat and muscle loss – these are all associated with low glutamine levels.


Glutamine is the main nutrient the gut uses to stay strong and fight off diseases while not allowing overtraining to impede your gains.

For example, glutamine powers your entire immune system and the tens of billions of cells that line your 20-foot long intestinal tract. The intestinal tract is particularly voracious, it alone accounts for at least 40% of the total body drain of your glutamine stores. Where does it go for glutamine when it needs it and it is out? - Muscle tissue. That’s right, the muscle tissue you work so hard to create.

4. Unique amino acid transports Nitrogen to muscles!

Glutamines unique nitrogen bonds allow this amino acid to transport all nitrogen and ammonia to and from skeletal muscle to visceral organs.

Positive Nitrogen balance is what we all shoot for. This means the body is in a state of protein synthesis. Glutamine is a major factor in Nitrogen delivery to keep us anabolic. Many times Glutamines actions are the sole reaction for reducing toxic levels of ammonia. Keeping ammonia levels low is critical to sustain anabolism. Many people call this an anti-catabolic reaction.

5. Gain more endurance through Glycogen synthesis!

In the liver, glutamine is also used for glucose synthesis.

In the kidneys, glutamine is used to support renal ammonia-genesis, while the brain utilizes glutamine as a precursor for neurotransmitter substrates. Yep, you get smarter and retain it longer on Glutamine.

6. The Harder You Train - The More You Need!

Your body uses glutamine in proportion to your training intensity. The harder you train, the greater the tax on muscle glutamine. Well-designed studies have shown healthy, physically fit people with low levels of glutamine actually lost muscle, increased body fat and suppressed their immune function, all within just 4 weeks of a fitness program. If you want to not only increase your gains but keep them longer, you must have Glutamine circulating in your blood.

7. Directly Impacts Protein Synthesis and Growth!

Keeping muscle glutamine stores intact is vital to all anabolic processes.

First, your protein synthesis rates are proportional to glutamine levels inside your muscle cells – When they drop so does your capacity to recover and build muscle. Second - increasing and maintaining cell volume – a potent trigger of anabolism, is also correlated specifically to muscle glutamine stores – no other amino acid shows this relationship.

8. Crucial For Recovery, Strength, and Growth!

Supplementation does increase your blood glutamine levels to boost the white blood cell immune response. Glutamine supplementation also prevents excessive damaging inflammation production during illness, enhances bacterial killing function of white blood cells and increases production of antioxidant intermediates.

All of these factors equate to glutamine supplementation doing your body a BIG favor – build a more powerful, potent immune system, that means less illness, faster recovery as well as stronger healthier muscles.

How should I take glutamine?

Since you need to take higher dosages in the gram not milligram range, using a bulk glutamine powder can help you get the desired amount for the gains you are looking for. This strategy is especially helpful considering you may need different amounts even daily depending on workout, stress levels and immunity. That’s why at GAINS IN BULK we give you the purest l-Glutamine available in 1lb. bags. You can know for a surety you are getting the right amount of Glutamine throughout the day. Remember, 1 teaspoon equals 5 grams.

For a pin-point Glutamine supplement strategy...

  • Take a 5-10 gram serving both before and after training.
  • Take at least another 5-10 gram serving in the 3-hour post-workout time frame.
  • Take a 2 to 5 gram dose before bed.
  • Take a 5 gram dose immediately upon awakening.
  • For maximum effectiveness add additional glutamine supplementation throughout the day.

The fact is, due to glutamine’s exclusive cell transporters, high affinity transport rates, and the cells ability to increase the number of these transporters - all research points to the fact glutamine will be absorbed efficiently whenever it is taken. The key is taking a minimum of 5 grams consistently throughout the day. Do this and you will achieve your goals faster. Glutamine up for better gains……