Brooklyn Pavao

Name: Brooklyn Pavao
Birthdate: February 2, 1996
Height: 5'5"
Competition Weight: 130lbs
Offseason Weight: 150lbs
Birth Place: Palm Springs, CA
Where you live now: San Diego, CA
Discount Code: BrooklynFit10

I've been an athlete ever since middle school when I took up football as a 6th grader. Then I played volleyball and softball all through high school. When I went to college I joined inter mural volleyball and flag football. Aside from that, I wanted to give myself a goal, something to reach for other than just lifting weights each day, that's when I decided to turn to bikini competitions. I joined Team Zero Gravity and it has been the best decision so far. Being on prep is difficult, not just for me but for family and friends to help accommodate my training and diet schedule. But I have an amazing support system who only wants to see me succeed. My first show I placed 3rd out of 22 girls and I was so excited! My second show was not as successful in placing as I was in second call outs. That just makes me even more hungry for next season! Having Gains In Bulk behind me going into my next session makes me even more confident! I love the Athlete Digestive Formula because a lot of food bloats me and the Athlete Digestive Formula takes that away for me! No bloating means training better and looking forward to all my meals. Another supplement that I can not live without is L- Arginine, I take it before my workouts to get my blood flowing with NO to get a pump going. A little bitter in taste but so worth it!! I add lemon to it to help with the taste FYI!