Cori Baker

Name: Cori Baker
Birthdate: 12/4/1986
Height: 5’6"
Competition Weight: 122lbs
Offseason Weight: 126-128lbs
Birth Place: Phoenix, AZ
Where you live now: Gilbert, AZ
Discount Code: Cori10

This year I am honored to be returning to the Olympia which I will compete in September, 2017! I do plan on doing a few shows before then, but the Olympia will be a main focus. Building more of an upper body will be key for me this year if I want to place higher. It’s so comforting to know I have high quality BCAAS and Glutamine from gains that help aid in growth. If I had to pick a favorite product though, it would be the Athlete Digestive Formula! It has helped me tremendously with bloat and it’s great to have an all in one digestive enzyme and probiotic.