Becky Lewis

Name: Becky Lewis
Birthdate: February 2, 1982
Height: 5'9
Competition Weight: 132-135lbs
Offseason Weight: 136-140lbs
Birth Place: Provo, UT
Where you live now: Arizona
Discount Code: BeckyL10

I've always loved staying active and pushing myself. I competed in high jump in college and once that was done I needed more to push me. I began doing some triathlons but found I didn't love how my body looked so I started lifting weights to shape my body. That got me into doing fitness competitions. The dedication to working out and learning how to use food for what my body needed was a big challenge, but I loved learning all I could. Conquering my fears to be on stage was a lot of fun for me and rewarding. I wanted to help other women conquer their fears and be confident in their own bodies so I became a NASM certified personal trainer & absolutely love seeing women make changes and become more confident. I love the athlete digestive formula. I've notice a huge difference in how my stomach feels and looks since I've started taking them. I also love the GIB Glute Circle & the GIB-100 vanilla protein powder.