Dan Zigler

Name: Dan Zigler
Age: 36
Height: "
Competition Weight:
Offseason Weight:
Birth Place:
Where you live now: Newport Beach, CA
Discount Code: Beard10

anything outdoors: surfing, shooting, camping, cliff jumping/diving, whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, hiking Dislikes: People who unnecessarily drop weights Favorite Drink: Coffee Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers, Bloodsport, and older Jim Carey movies Ultimate Vacation: Trip to Australia and New Zealand for surfing, Nevis Swing (the world’s biggest swing), and kayaking Who Would You Cast To Play Yourself in a Movie? Hugh Jackman, Jon Hamm, and Ryan Reynolds. They’d have to audition for the role Desert Island Exercises: Lat pulldown/pull-ups, squats, dumbbell incline press Favorite Charity or Cause: Caterina’s Club ( Sponsor: Gains in Bulk, NatrlGainz Apparel