Rainer Stoss

Name: Rainer Stoss
Birthdate: November 6, 1983
Height: 176cm
Competition Weight: 105kg
Offseason Weight: 120kg
Birth Place: Feldkirch, Austria
Where you live now: Nenzing, Austria
Discount Code: Rainer10

Previous Successes: Mister Austria 2007 Fitness Mister Universe 2007 Fitness (Overallwinner) 3. Place Austrian Open 2014 Mister Austria 2015 Mister Universe 2015 (get the Pro Card for NABBA) Planned competitions: 2017 1st get the Pro Card for IFBB, 2nd make my first PRO Competition IFBB BIOGRAPHY On 06.11.1983 I was born in Feldkirch. I grew up in Nenzing, where I also took part in the "Volksschule" and the "Sporthauptschule". I then attended the polytechnic course in Bludenz. Afterwards, I decided to teach as a bricklayer at Ammann Bau in Nenzing. After the apprenticeship as a bricklayer, I did the first part of the ski instructor's test and worked as a ski instructor in Stuben am Arlberg. In 2004, I completed the civilian service. Sport accompanied me from childhood. I was at the ski club and the football club, as a youth I started to skate and snowboarding. At the age of 17 I was in a gym for the first time and I was instantly thrilled. So I decided to buy a bank to bench presses, dumbbells and weights. From there on I trained at home. In December 2005, I began to train again in the gym and do this hard, iron, and disciplined. In 2007, I started for the first time at national and international championships. There I could already celebrate great success, although it was my first competition season. Since 2010 I am working as a personal fitness trainer. 2013 I was in the preparation for the autumn season, 9 weeks before the competition is with me a borreliosis (transmissible disease of the tick bite) broke. The consequences were enormous. I had a complete facial paralysis, e.g. The closing of the eyes not possible. That is why I had to stay in the hospital for a week and 2 more weeks outpatient, where I received daily an infusion of antibiotics. Because of this I could not train for 5 weeks and unfortunately had to drop out the rest of the competition preparation and the competition. Health is the most important thing. In 2014, I was preparing for the Austrian Autumn Championship discipline, ironically and consistently, and became third. I qualified for the Mister Universe in England. But I did not take part because my form did not correspond to my ideas. So I put my focus on the fall season 2015 right now. Now it was time! 2015, it could begin! The preparations began 12 weeks before the decisive Mister Universe election in England. However, the first stop was the Austrian autumn championship in Tyrol. I clearly dominated my class and won with bravura. Now I was qualified for the international Mister Universe in England. Despite huge competition (15 athletes) from 10 countries, I was able to dominate and took the victory. 45 years after Arnold Schwarzenegger and 23 years after Mohammad Mustafa I was the third athlete of Austria to win the highest title in the amateur class "Mister NABBA Universe". Now my professional career can begin! Favorite GIB Products: My favorite product are the BCAA and the Creatine. They give my muscle all that what he need to grow. The creatine is completely soluble and with the BCAA I have a super pump in the training. The products are tasteless, and have a very high quality. Use the creatine about 10 weeks could increase my weight by 5kg. Can only recommend these products if you want to build muscle. Training: I train 4 time´s in the week in the offseason! During the diet I train every day. Love to train, training is my love. I train high intensive that's training with SST.