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Instantized Creatine

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 500 Grams (1.1 lbs) 

Instantized Creatine is certified vegan and is the fastest dissolving and highest absorbed Creatine on the market. It helps muscles recover and build stronger muscle faster.



Creatine itself is the most widely used performance nutrient and has been on the market for decades. Instantized Creatine was brought to the US market in November 2015 by the Gains in Bulk company. It is also CERTIFIED VEGAN. 

Instantized Creatine has no sand-mouth feel like regular or Micronized Creatine does. Instantized Creatine is completely liquid-soluble, enabling better and faster delivery to the muscles.

You will find Instantized Creatine being sold at much higher prices than regular Creatine but your friends here at Gains in Bulk bring it to you at the best price in the industry for a short time while we introduce this newest form of Creatine to the US.

Creatine is a molecule produced in the body. It stores high-energy phosphate groups in the form of phosphocreatine. During periods of stress, phosphocreatine releases energy to aid cellular function. This is what causes strength increases after creatine supplementation, but this action can also aid the brain, bones, muscles, and liver. Most of the benefits of creatine are provided through this mechanism.

Creatine Monohydrate is essential in the process of sending energy directly to muscle. It is naturally produced by the body in small amounts and been shown to be ergogenic when taken in supplement form. Instantized Creatine is the most soluble and absorbable form of creatine monhydrate available. 

Instantized Creatine Monohydrate – 99.99%
Appearance; white powder
Fastest dissolving rate amongst any Creatine
Proven to create gains in Performance, Strength and Muscle Mass. Also has research showing possible anti-aging benefits and reduction in body fat.

DOSING --- Take before and after workouts.  Also take morning and night if taking higher amounts.

Current studies recommend a protocol that is very standard amongst fitness enthusiasts:
• 20 g / day for 10 days for loading --- Take 10 grams before workout and after. Off days take morning and night
• 5-10 g / day after --- Take right before and after workout. Off days take morning or evening.

ALTERNATIVE DOSING  --  A new and effective dosing routine used by many is to take 20-30 grams a day of Creatine for 4 days and then taking a 3 day break without any. The theory is to create a constant cellular uptake to get consistent gains.

Some people choose not to do the loading phase with Instantized Creatine because of its higher absorption while others like the benefits.
Take preferably before and after working out. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

US Standard Measuring Spoons
Spoon Size(level) milligrams
1/2 teaspoon 2500
1 teaspoon 5000
1 1/2 teaspoon 7500

The majority of studies indicate that supplementation with creatine for prolonged periods of time using large doses are safe. One study concluded that supplementation from nine (9) weeks up to five (5) years did not adversely affect renal function. Another study also examined muscle damage, hepatic (liver) and renal (kidney) function, and found no adverse effects from creatine supplementation.

There is potential cause for concern, however. The by-product of creatine use in the muscle is creatinine. Creatinine is typically harmless, and is flushed by the kidneys. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, however, any type of excess strain can cause problems.

Creatinine levels are typically used to monitor kidney function, and creatine supplementation will raise these levels. A study done on animals with existing kidney problems showed that creatine supplementation aggravated and increased the acuteness of these conditions. Therefore, creatine supplementation may not be wise for individuals with renal disease or dysfunction.

The largest safety concern with creatine is most likely the quality of the product. Creatine is manufactured from sarcosine and cyanamide. During the production of creatine, contaminants such as dicyandiamide, dihydrotriazines, creatinine, and various ions are produced.

Supplementation with large doses for prolonged periods of time with a product that has not been sufficiently screened for contaminants could be cause for concern. Finding a reputable company that provides quality creatine product is very important when considering creatine supplementation.

Instantized Creatine from Gains in Bulk have no contaminants and are tested with Certificates of Analysis and independent third party testing.

CREATINE is the best-selling sports supplement in history. This is because it is one of the most potent muscle building supplements world, and has been around since 1993. An amino acid, Creatine is found normally in the body, with 95% of it found in the skeletal muscle tissue. The body receives a small amount of Creatine from food (average 2 grams a day) but also makes Creatine in the liver through combining other amino acids.

Creatine creates gains in performance, strength and muscle mass because it is an ergogenic (muscle building) nutrient. Thousands of studies prove its benefits. "Extra Creatine through supplementation helps generate more power output during intense exercise."

The great news is that long term Creatine supplementation doesn’t cause harm and actually produces greater gains in strength and sprint performance and may increase lean body mass." (2).

Other studies have proven creatine's health benefits, not only to bodybuilders or athletes, but to non-athletic and aging individuals.

There is a difference between different forms of Creatine and Creatine Monohydrates

Every type of Creatine is different in composition, solubility, and effectiveness. The best Creatine is the one with the highest solubility and lowest mesh size. Creatine Monohydrate is the most researched form of Creatine and is the most widely sold form in the world. Some Creatine monohydrates are more soluble than others, which, in turn, increases their effectiveness. The only drawback to Creatine Monohydrate is that it is grainy to the taste, poorly mixed in fluids and can isn’t completely absorbed because of its large granule structures. The large molecule Creatine can cause excess water retention and bloating. Because of this, you need to know these basics about mesh size and solubility in order to maximize your absorption of Creatine while eliminating bloating water weight:

1. Creatine Monhydrate uses a 60-80 mesh size to be created and is not very soluble and large.
2. Micronized Creatine Monhydrate uses a 200 mesh which is much more soluble and mixes easier
3. Instantized Creatine Monohydrate uses a 500+ mesh and is completely soluble which no other Creatine can claim. The instantized form is completely absorbed quickly because it does not have to be broken down and its surface area is much greater ensuring complete absorption. It is available on the cellular level just like the water. (WATCH VIDEO)

There are other forms of creatines that have chemicals attached which increase their absorption and uptake into the muscle but do not have the long term research as the monohydrate form. Here is a list of most of them. CREATINE ETHYL ESTER: EFFERVESCENT CREATINE: CREATINE CITRATE: TRI & DI CREATINE MALATE: CREATINE KRE-ALKALYN: CREATINE ORATE AND THE MOST PROMISING FORM WHICH IS CREATINE NITRATE.

Aguiar AF, Januario RS, Junior RP, et al. Long-term creatine supplementation improves muscular performance during resistance training in older women. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2013; 113(4):987-996.
Beck TW, Housh TJ, Johnson GO, Coburn JW, Malek MH, Cramer JT. Effects of a drink containing creatine, amino acids, and protein combined with ten weeks of resistance training on body composition, strength, and anaerobic performance. J Strength Cond Res. 2007;21(1):100-104.

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Amazing product!
I ordered this around Christmas time. I've been doing 2 week cycles with small doses every 2 days for workouts. This product has given me explosive results and has allowed me to gain muscle, pure muscle, and burn fat. Would 10 out of 10 completely recommend this product. Review by Griffynn / (Posted on 4/21/2017)
Best creatine I've tried!
I love this stuff! This creatine is so pure and dissolves completely into whatever liquid your drinking. It gives you the best pump at the gym. I've become my strongest because of GIB's creatine! I love Gains In Bulk! Review by Samantha / (Posted on 4/20/2017)
Only creatine worth taking!
No nasty side effects, just pure gains! Strength and size! The reps at the Olympia expo weren't lying when they said it's the best! Review by BWALTER / (Posted on 4/20/2017)
Best creatine on the market by far! No bloating or heavy feeling after taking. I felt an increase in my pump and also quicker recovery and strength gains. Review by BryceLV / (Posted on 4/20/2017)
Great Product!!
I loved this product. My numbers jumped up like I couldn't believe. This will be the only creatine I use from here on out. Especially with the price! Review by Blart / (Posted on 4/20/2017)

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